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James Stewart is an experienced systems engineer and troubleshooter, with diverse experience in designing, building and maintaining a range of online, embedded and business application environments.

James has the ability to liaise effectively with diverse user groups in order to understand their business requirements and develop innovative systems that will meet these.  

James has an established reputation and is highly regarded and sought after for troubleshooting complex problems in a range of environments, including maintenance and upgrading of Windows and Unix servers.  James also has the ability to develop innovative web-based solutions for a wide range of business requirements and is highly competent in working with different programming languages. 

James has extensive experience in dealing directly with both system users and owners, both through providing help desk support and through designing and delivering web-based forms processing. 

James has worked on embedded systems, including the design, development, testing and maintenance of Transit TV, a large scale embedded System for the delivery of Video and other content to part of the Sydney bus fleet.

James has also specialised in earth and tsunami monitoring systems development, both GPS and seismic systems.   Projects have included finding networking solutions for remote sites,  implementing security measures to enable them and delivering the capability for real time detection and analysis of earthquakes along with the associated visualisation software.



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